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International SOS (ISOS)

Duke University has partnered with International SOS (ISOS) to provide its travelers with comprehensive health care, medical, and security assistance services worldwide. ISOS operates 24 hours a day, ensuring that you and your family are supported during emergency situations that may arise during travel or international relocation. With a single phone call, you can connect to ISOS’s network of multilingual specialists who can provide immediate help and guidance. It’s important to carry your International SOS membership card at all times, as it contains essential contact information for the major ISOS Assistance Centers worldwide.

ISOS Services & Benefits

ISOS offers a range of services designed to assist with medical, personal, travel, and security issues when you are away from home. These services include:

    • Medical Assistance: Access to physicians and medical professionals who can provide advice, referrals, and assistance with medical needs while abroad. You can contact the ISOS Assistance Center directly or use the Assistance App to connect with a physician or security specialist.
    • Travel Support: Guidance and resources to help you navigate your travel destination. You can reach out to the Assistance Center for pre-trip questions and access Risk Guides on the ISOS website for comprehensive medical and general travel advice.
    • Security Services: Assistance in addressing security concerns and emergencies. ISOS provides security alerts, evacuation assistance, and coordination in threatening situations. Use the member portal and Assistance App for up-to-the-minute information on security alerts and warnings.

Membership & Accessing Services

Your ISOS membership is already active, and you should carry the membership card with you at all times while traveling. In case of an emergency, use the emergency phone numbers listed on the back of the card or connect through the Assistance App. To print your membership card, visit the ISOS portal and select the appropriate print option.

For lost or stolen cards, you can print a new one anytime from the ISOS portal. If you require a doctor or prescription medication, contact the ISOS Assistance Center or use the Assistance App for referrals and assistance. In the event of hospitalization or inadequate local medical facilities, ISOS will take necessary steps to evaluate your care and, if required, arrange for medical evacuation to a suitable facility. 

If you have concerns about your security or encounter a security emergency, find a secure location and contact ISOS via phone or the Assistance App. A security specialist will assist you.