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Mental Health Support Abroad

Maintaining your mental well-being during your travels is as important as caring for your physical health. Duke University is committed to supporting students’ mental health, even when they are abroad. Accessing mental health support outside the United States can be complex, which is why Duke relies heavily on its partnership with International SOS (ISOS) to ensure students have access to quality care while abroad.

Planning Ahead for Mental Health Support

To ensure seamless access to mental health care while abroad, it is vital for students seeking to continue their mental health care to connect with the Office of Global Health & Safety (OGHS) and International SOS well ahead of their departure. The following steps are essential for planning ahead:

1. Contact the Office of Global Health & Safety (OGHS): Reach out to OGHS to discuss your mental health care needs and explore resources available at your destination. OGHS can provide guidance on navigating the process of accessing care and support you throughout your time abroad. Email for assistance.

2. Engage with International SOS (ISOS): Establish communication with ISOS before your departure. They are your primary point of contact for acute situations requiring urgent or emergent mental health support while abroad. By connecting with ISOS in advance, you can ensure access to timely and appropriate care. You can contact ISOS using the information found in the Duke ISOS portal.

3. Research Local Mental Health Resources: Prior to your departure, utilize the ISOS and OGHS resources to investigate the mental health resources available at your destination. Share this information with your current providers so they can assist in making necessary arrangements for your care.

Seek Support and Prioritize Your Wellbeing

Duke University is committed to your well-being, no matter where you are in the world. Do not hesitate to reach out for support when needed. Whether it’s connecting with OGHS, contacting ISOS, or utilizing local resources, taking care of your mental health abroad is essential. Plan ahead, stay proactive, and ensure access to the support you need.

In addition to the support provided by Duke University, there may be local counseling services or support groups available at your destination. Research and gather information on these resources to supplement your mental health support while abroad. OGHS and ISOS can help you identify any relevant local resources.

Remember, your mental health matters, and Duke University is here to support you throughout your journey.

Duke Counseling and Psychological Services Limitations

While Duke University’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) cannot provide therapy to individuals outside the state of North Carolina, they are available to offer initial support and connect you to appropriate resources abroad. 

Additionally, TimelyCare (formerly Blue Devils Care) does not support students while they are abroad. In lieu of TimelyCare, students should contact International SOS using the information found here.