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Lyft Rides Program

Duke University Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) offers a Lyft Rides Program to cover transportation costs for Duke students and employees traveling to and from certain designated locations. The program includes destinations such as Duke Lemur Center, Duke Campus Farm, and Duke Forest Shepherd Nature Trail (students only).

+ Benefits of the Program +

        • Students/staff will not have to pay for their rides. The program uses a Lyft Pass that is billed to a fund code.
        • Departments can set a dollar amount for the rides and the number of rides per student or staff member. Anything over the set amount will be charged to the student or staff member.
        • The program can be used for locations other than the designated locations with additional approval and planning with PTS

! Restrictions and Regulations !

        • Participants must sign a waiver with PTS before using the program.
        • The program does not cover tips for drivers. Only the cost of the ride is covered.
        • Participants cannot share rides with non-program participants.
        • Participants can pay more out-of-pocket for priority pick-up, but this service is not covered by the program.
        • Participants can be picked up and dropped off at the covered bus stop behind the Duke Chapel on Science Dr.

How to enroll?

To take advantage of this Lyft Rides program, contact Duke Parking & Transportation Services ( with the following information:

        • Destination for the trip(s);
        • Number of students or staff members who will use the Lyft code;
        • Fund code for monthly billing
        • Number of trips;
        • Timeframe of the program (i.e., June 1-15, 2023).

Please note, it generally takes two weeks to establish a Lyft Ride program.