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Guidance for Programs in the Field

The Office of Global Health & Safety (OGHS) is dedicated to promoting the well-being of all individuals involved in Duke’s experiential programs. To achieve this objective, we have compiled guidance aimed at assisting program administrators in confidently preparing and conducting their programs.

Our guidance covers important topics, including:

    • Procedures for handling a positive COVID-19 test result on a domestic trip
    • Steps to take if a participant in a residential program falls ill
    • Contact information for the OGHS On-Call Team during an emergency
    • Transportation policies, protocols, and recommendations

We strongly advise program administrators to review these guidelines to guarantee the health and safety of all participants. Additionally, we have included external links to relevant Duke policies and resources for each topic to provide additional information and support.

If you have any questions or concerns about the guidance or have a suggestion for additional resources, please contact us by emailing